The endless USB drive – Creative USB


Pick a USB flash drive. Any flash drive. What’s the capacity? Okay, it would seem that such a tangible thing must have limits to its capacity.But along came Infinitec, a somewhat new group of technology wizards, in Dubai, with a new product they’re calling “the Infinite USB Memory (IUM) drive. This USB device is considered to be the world’s first flash drive with infinite storage capacity. Except it doesn’t really store anything.True, it sounds like an oxymoron to describe a USB flash drive with infinite storage except it has no storage. This USB drive is all about connectivity and it’s creating big buzz about how it will change the face of USB drives from here on out.

Simple USB

usb flash drive

The Infinitec USB is tied to one host computer. It then uses that computer’s Wi-Fi connectivity to access files from that computer’s hard drive.So in effect, the capacity of the USB drive is equivalent to the size of the computer’s hard drive. It isn’t known if this means the computer hard drive can be infinite. However, the “infinite” USB drive doesn’t require files to leave the computer in which case, it can stream all sorts of media through other USB enabled devices. It’s compatible with everything from Playstation to Xbox, TV’s, Blu-ray players and so much more.


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