::Exams were Great:: & ::Future Posts::

yeah, finally i finished my last sem exams. had great exams without preparing much.. however viva are still left. they are from 4th june.
I am apologize to visitors and bloggers that i cant give you replay in time.
Now will be often meet here.. stay connected..!

–>  Future Posts:

1) – .pdf – books for mechanical engineers, Mechanical Handbooks, & books off the track

2) – .doc – Automobile related .doc files., automobile wallpapers, simulation softwares.

3) – .ppsx – Engineering Drawing parts continued from last .ppsx (Intersaction, Isomatric, Orthographic, Projection of line, Projection of  planes, & Projection of curves, scales, section and development etc.)

4) – Useful Mechanical converters.

5) – Project list on mechanical and automobile students.

6) – Resume Design and download

7) – Indian companies list and their address with contact number and e-mail.

8) – List of international companies that may useful to mech/auto engineers.

9) – updates on Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster.

10) – alternative energy sources


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