Engineering Drawing Is Easy..!!!

As normal to everyone(except me) students in first year faces more problems in Engineering Drawing. When 1st year starting days this was a ‘bit typical subject for me. But in exams I worked hard for it and got 96/100. So its not longer hard for me and my friends. We were always resolve EG Problems when we were free.
A phew days ago, I have to teach this all problems to a confused student.. However i’d already made her understood 4 months ago. Many of boys-and gals here are come to me and asks for help for this subject. Then I have to help them.
So I made this Tutorial Slide-Shows. with the help from this slide show students will easily understand it.
The formate of this slideshow is very much easy that of a li’l 10th STD Student can solve this problems.
(NOTICE: slideshow making for engineering drawing is in progress. i’ll update this post as new Chapter of slideshow will included.)


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