Ankit Fadia Ethical Hacking Course – Post Your Review

Ankit Fadia’s ethical hacking courses are quite famous and a lot of engineering students write to us whether they should join the course or not. Upon asking few questions to the aspiring hackers, it becomes clear that what they’ve very different idea about ‘hacking’.

Ethical hacking is for the good; ‘cracking’ is for the bad. Many students think that they will be able to crack their friend’s facebook password and even hack websites at their will. But that’s not true. The real hackers don’t have glamour around them; they work in stealth mode and have *very deep* understanding of the computer systems and security flaws in the networks and related software.

I’m sure we’ve CEans who’ve attended the course. I’d request all of you to post your own, independent, unbiased reviews of the course so that our fellow CEans benefit from it.


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