Catia V5 User Guide

CCARD has negotiated exclusive access to a CATIA V5 Introduction User Guide published by The CAD/CAM Partnership.

CATIA V5 Tutorial It is an ideal self-study tutorial of unique quality, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.

The extract from the CATIA V5 Introduction User Guide includes the contents and index pages, together with the full initial worked example, overviews and summary of all examples, of the complete 134 page spirally bound manual.

Assumes the availability of a CATIA V5 workstation with a configuration license (such as MD2) and also familiarity with the CATIA V5 interface, such as use of the mouse buttons and command icons, in order to follow the initial worked example provided as an isolated sample.

Download extractCatia v5 User Guide By CCARD
NOTE: “Currently, the manual is only availble as a printed hardcopy. However, the donwloadable extract provides a good overview about the contents.”


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