A few of the distinct Sub-fields that you can do your career in >>

Its clear that Mechanical is a vast field!

Mechanical Sub Fields_harsh parmar

A few Sub-fields of Mechanical in which you can do a specialized carrier in:

1. Aerospace

2. Gas turbines

3. Armament engineering

4. Automobile Engineering

5. Energy engineering

6. Industrial engineering

7. Production Engineering

8. Nano Technology

9. Manufacturing Engineering

10. Thermal Engineering

11. Welding Engineering

12. Ceramic engineering

13. Non-Destructive Testing

14. Industrial Pollution Control

15. Industrial Safety Engineering

16. Rocket Propulsion

17. Aerodynamics

18. Petroleum engineering: (NOTE:-You can get into Petroleum after Graduating in Mechanical but beware of the syllabus of Petroleum Engineering! There is very less similarity in the syllabus of Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering)

19. Design Engineering

20. Robotics


22. Mechatronics

23. Environmental engineering

24. Materials engineering

25. Modelling and simulation

26. Vibrations


28. Nuclear Engineering

29. Energy Engineering


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